Everyone starts somewhere, and if your fortunate enough somewhere along the road to fulfilling your dreams  you get a lucky break,  usually by someone who is already at the top of their game… Somebody who cares enough to take time out of their insanely busy schedule to show you a few tricks and open a few doors. For me, my big break in the San Diego Bridal hair and makeup industry came from one of the most successful top awarded Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in all of San Diego. I am so honored by the Amazing  and kind Testimonial from my good friend and business associate Stacey Triplow, owner and founder of Beauty by Stacey! I am equally honored  to have  had the opportunity to learn from one of the best in the industry and to continue to work side by side with her to this day! We always have so much fun when we do weddings together and thats what its all about! Do what you love, with good people, and stay passionate!

IMG_5169Hair by Erika Avendano / Hair and Makeup by Stacey Triplow  of  Beauty by Stacey

“Erika is such a sweetheart. I work with her professionally (hair and makeup) and I do not have enough words to describe just how amazing of a person she truly is. First and foremost as an artist she is fantastic at what she does. But the best thing about her is the passion she has for her artistry. You really feel that she loves what she does. I love working with her, and you definitely will too!” – Stacey Triplow / Beauty by Stacey



Me and Stacey – the Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist dream team!!! w/ another stunning bride!

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