Best Hair Color Trends 2017 – Top Hair Color Ideas for You

2017 dip dyed hair colors have taken the world by storm. The Instagram is literally flooded with dip dyed hairstyles. It is incredible to see how fashion bloggers demonstrate heir gorgeous hairstyles achieved by dip-dyed technique. The best thing about dip dyed designs is that you can entirely transform your look regardless of your natural hair color. Actually the dip dye is being done in unnatural bright color applied to the ends of your strands.  Compared with other styles the dip dye doesn’t require creating an excellent blend! Dip-Dye-Hair-Color-Ideas-carlsbad-salon.jpg

Blue on Black Dip Dye

This is the most popular version of dip dyed hair. This stunning teal looks incredible when paired with a jet black crown. Teal is the best idea when you are ready for an edgier look that is still strikingly sexy and interesting. To obtain this unnatural color, make sure to bleach the tips. Whether you decide to keep your hair straight or curly, it will definitely show off your beautiful dip dyed locks. You can read the full article here

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